Balai Palmera Pasalubong & Restaurant serves Family Love

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February is considered as the month of love.

Balai Palmera Pasalubong & Restaurant brought to life the story of sacrifice and selfless love for family, no matter how far and difficult it is, it will not be an obstacle to feel the overflowing love for one another.

Balai Palmera Pasalubong and Restaurant wants to deliver that no matter how far the distance from each other is, the utmost care of the family can be delivered no matter where Mom or Dad is. That each return is one of the unique memories to be buried in its re-flight.

Let’s feel our tight hugs to our OFW parents who are homesick outside the country and above all let’s bury the sweet memories of them including the Balai Palmera Pasalubong products. Because even how far its is, it will still come back again and again. Follow and like their Facebook page: for more pasalubong goodies.

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