Asia Harm Reduction Forum (AHRF) Champions Transformative Change in Upcoming flagship event

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THE Asia Harm Reduction Forum (AHRF), a non-profit, inter-disciplinary organization that advances public health education for the improvement of lives and environments across the globe, is set to host its flagship event at the Manila Hotel on October 19, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This momentous gathering will unite advocates from across Asia to delve into pivotal issues and solutions surrounding harm reduction, reinforcing AHRF’s commitment to pioneering global health equity and saving lives.

AHRF, in its relentless pursuit of health equity, is seizing the spotlight to raise awareness about harm reduction practices and their transformative potential. The upcoming event aims to enlighten attendees on the profound impact of harm reduction on individuals and communities in everyday life.

Harm reduction, as advocated by AHRF, seeks to mitigate the negative effects of harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, overeating, and risky sexual behaviors. The forum will underscore how these habits take a significant toll on people, communities, and the environment, emphasizing the importance of finding ways to enjoy these activities without compromising well-being.

The Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2023 will feature eye-opening insights, emphasizing the power of community engagement, collective action, and grassroots initiatives. AHRF 2023 believes these elements are pivotal in building resilience to embrace harm reduction practices and transform neighborhoods into safer spaces.

The conversation will delve into potential solutions, including early intervention programs, addiction education in schools, and policies to promote harm reduction practices.

With this, the existing programs and policies in the Philippines related to harm reduction, particularly in the context of tobacco use. Despite governmental initiatives to control tobacco use, challenges such as misinformation, limited resources, and discrimination persist.

Recently, AHRF conducted an interview featuring Karen Bordador, a celebrity, vlogger, entrepreneur, writer, TV and events host, where she shared her journey of transformation and resilience after facing drug accusations and wrongful allegations that led to her time in prison. Karen’s story illustrates the importance of community support, vigilance, and awareness of harm reduction practices and rights. Her journey serves as a powerful source of inspiration for those seeking to overcome adversities with community support.

AHRF, at the forefront of pioneering global health equity, seeks to amplify the importance of sharing knowledge, supporting initiatives, educating friends and family, and taking the first steps toward harm reduction. The organization encourages everyone to get involved and play a role in building a safer and healthier community.

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