Anti-African Swine Fever vaccine nears creation

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THE Department of Agriculture (DA) said a vaccine that will combat African Swine Fever will be created soon.

DA Secretary William Dar said testing of the vaccine is now being undertaken and so far, it is showing promising performance based on initial results.

In fact, he said the vaccine is now under Phase 2 of testing and its results are expected to be released by next month.

According to Dar, if the results are impressive, he will recommend that all swine in the country be vaccinated already. He said it will be the one to provide protection for pigs against the dreaded African swine fever.

It can be recalled that the African swine fever created significant and widespread damage in the country’s sa livestock or hog industry starting in 2019 that resulted in the death of many pigs and loss of revenue among many hog raisers.

The African swine fever also created excessive increase in the price of pork meat in many markets because of lack of supply.

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