Abolish party-list system, Duterte recommends to next administration and Congress

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte recommended to the incoming administration and members of Congress to abolish the party-list system.

In his Talk to the People, Duterte emphasized that the party-list system is being used to push the interests of leftist groups.

The president said that although not all, there are some party-list groups that enter the government with the objective of destroying it so they can replace it.

He insisted that the mantra of communist groups even 50 years later have remained until now and it will still be their objective.

According to the president, the left-leaning party-list groups did not do anything except to hoodwink the government.

In relation to this, the president recommended that whichever administration will come in, now is the right time to push an initiative to change the Constitution through a Constitutional Convention and convert the present feudal system of government into a federal form of government.

It would be best that a new administration starts a move to amend the Constitution and not at the end of its term so as not be accused of extending its control of the country.

He said that this was the same accusation thrown at him, that he wanted to remain in power, which was not true, since what he really wanted was to finish his term to be able to rest and go back to his home in Davao City.

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